Fruit preparations

Our core products include fruit leathers, pure fruit compotes, and various sauces and fruit toppings. Our flexible operation can develop new products quickly based on your requirements. If you don’t have a recipe formulated yet our product development team will work with you to achieve the desired result.

We specialise in fruit preparations without any added sugar or artificial colours. We do this by substituting sugar for sweet fruit juices and adding fruit and vegetables with strong colour profiles. However, we can blend any ingredients including sugar and flavourings. We use high-quality ripe fruit and unlike others are involved in every step of the production, from farm gate to packing. We are a tried and trusted supplier with years of experience and our products are found in many international markets.

China has adopted western café culture and of course tea consumption has always been huge. These days fruit teas with whole pieces of fruit are very popular and flavours are rotated often to spark customer interest. We are very pleased to have an active role in the development and supply of these pourable solutions with suspended fruit pieces.


Liquid fruit preparations

  • Dairy drink fruit solutions
  • Dessert toppings
  • Pastry fillings
  • Pure fruit compotes
  • Pourable fruit solutions
  • Smooth and fruit suspended sauces

Solid fruit preparations

  • Blended fruit cubes
  • Coated freeze-dried fruit
  • Fruit leathers
Yellow peach in fructose syrup
Strawberry in fructose syrup
Kiwi in fructose syrup
Blueberry in fructose syrup
Mango in fructose syrup