Product type

  • IQF Pulp
  • Puree
  • Preparation: Fruit leather
  • Preparation: Compote / Sauce


Conventional: Grade A – B


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Passionfruit is the fruit of several vine species in the genus Passiflora which are commercially cultivated for their fruit. The fruit is a type of berry called a pepo which is round to oval, can be yellow, red, purple, and green, and has a juicy interior filled with numerous seeds. Passion fruit flavour is distinctly tropical, being both super sweet and tart and having an incredible aroma.

The passion fruit is native from southern Brazil to northern Argentina but is now widely grown in tropical and semitropical regions of the world. The passion fruit vine can grow in a variety of soil environments but generally can not tolerate frost. There are several passion fruit varieties available, but the purple and yellow passion fruits are most popular. The purple fruit is smaller and sweeter than the yellow which tends to have a sourer flavour.

Passion fruit plantations are distributed across southern China, including Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, and Hainan. Vietnamese passion fruits can be supplied year-round but are not as popular in China as the domestic fruits which are lower in price and sweeter than Vietnamese varieties. Generally, passion fruit is picked at 70% ripeness with brix levels at 12-14. As the fruit ripens the skin darkens and wrinkles and brix levels rise to 15-18.


Retail pack

  • As specified by customer
  • Various fastenings e.g. Zip locks
  • Recyclable

Bulk pack

  • Cartons
  • Pails
  • Drums


Asia: China


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