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Our Story

We’ve always had a passion for fruit, after all it’s in our name.
Berry Ltd began trading fruit products in 1991, though our roots go back to the New Zealand boysenberry industry in 1984. David saw the rise of China as a global player in the fruit industry as an opportunity but appreciated the need for stringent quality control and managed supply chains. In 2000 Berry Ltd took the bold leap with the Wang family to form a joint venture, Dragon’s Garden, in Shandong, China. What began as a simple organic fruit nursery has gone from strength to strength and is now a complex processing operation. This vertical integration from nursery to pack house ensures traceability and offers our customers the best value for money.
Our continual investment in our facilities and practices demonstrate the dedication and passion needed to bring quality fruit products to the global market.

Two families, two dragons. 
Over the past 20 years our two families have worked in partnership. As symbolised by the Welsh and Chinese dragons in the Dragon’s Garden logo.  Our family values remain at the core of our business. We view all our people as family and value transparency, trust and friendship, loyalty and long-term relationships. This philosophy guides us to work together with our customers to achieve win-wins across the sector. Your success is our success. 

Global mindset, grower focused.
We are based on Anglesey in North Wales, next to the Irish Sea. Although we reside in a remote and beautiful location we have maintained very close relationships over the years with many fine packers and customers in Europe, North America, Australasia and Asia. We are committed and diligent and follow the fruit back to the field to test, inspect and monitor whether they meet our standards. Things have changed over the years in the fruit processing industry. Individuals who make a life long career in fruit buying are rare now, it seems to be a more temporary occupation. What never changes, and it is a fact we never lose sight of, is that our work depends on the work of the grower. We don’t have an industry unless the grower is sustained. The relationships we form with our growing partners are cherished and it is our greatest pleasure to spend time with them in the field.

Our Team

David Berry

Managing Director Berry Ltd & Chairman Dragon's Garden

After completing a Business degree in New Zealand followed by some extensive travel David started a career in the exporting of frozen fruit from New Zealand. Relocation to the UK in 1988 was followed by the opening of Berry Ltd in 1991.

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Kirby Wang

Managing Director Dragon's Garden

Kirby left his work in a state owned trading company in Qingdao and abandoned his studies for an MBA in order to set up Flying Dragon Ltd so that company could partner Berry Ltd in the creation of the joint venture Dragon's Garden Ltd. Kirby's energy and skills have been fundamental to continued growth and development of the company.

C Ogden

Technical Manager

With a science background and many years in the business our technical manager is an experienced liaison between our customers and suppliers.

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Wang Family

Our partners in China

The picture above shows Kirby and his wife Summer who is the Accounting Manager at Dragons Garden and their three daughters. Ya Chi and Ya Jun are twins and very accomplished teenagers. They excel at school, piano and soccer. Baby Athena arrived in December 2019. They are dressed in traditional Chinese costumes from the Manchu period. Red is the lucky colour in China.

Marged Berry

Business Development Manager

Marged originally trained as a lawyer and after qualifying, she practised as a solicitor in Manchester and Cardiff before joining the family business in 2014.

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Xiao Zhao

Field Manager

Keeping our crops in order at Dragon's Garden. Shown here with our organic carrots.

Ynyr Berry

Business Development Manager

After completing a Business degree in New Zealand Ynyr worked as a business advisor in the NZ Public Sector before joining the family business in 2020.

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Our Latest News

The latest from Berry Ltd and Dragon’s Garden. Scroll for more.

Multi-head weigher at Dragon’s Garden

17 June 2020

Multi-head weigher at Dragon’s Garden

New multi-head weigher installed at Dragon’s Garden. Suitable for both frozen and dried goods!

Newsletter Winter 2019

28 November 2019

Newsletter Winter 2019

Early November is a good time to visit Shandong as generally the weather is stable and sunny and the autumn colours at their best. This Autumn has been very dry in our part of the province…

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Flash pasteuriser at Dragon’s Garden

16 November 2019

Flash pasteuriser at Dragon’s Garden

The flash pasteuriser is now fully installed with homogeniser, so we are all set to produce all sorts of top quality frozen purées in a range of pack sizes. Customers please do step up!

Newsletter Summer 2019

10 June 2019

Newsletter Summer 2019

The season in Shandong and the other main strawberry growing provinces is likely to be reduced due to very warm weather from the 18th of May. Prior to that the Spring was cool and just enough rain had fallen…

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Newsletter Summer 2018

25 June 2018

Newsletter Summer 2018

Some points of interest following David’s delayed Spring visit to China. Topics include the installation of the new washing line and IQF tunnel expansion, and musings on product demand from China and South-East Asia, and fruit growing developments in China…
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Washing line at Dragon’s Garden

16 May 2018

Washing line at Dragon’s Garden

We have installed a new washing line in the freezing factory. All moving parts on the new line can be lifted clear of the water by a mechanism in the towers, enabling more efficient cleaning of the line