Dried Fruit

We supply a wide range of dried fruit to the snack industry worldwide. Our core products are listed below, but we have a very flexible operation and can develop new products quickly based on customer requirements. We pack all of our products at our BRC certified factory in China, and produce and ship to order to give the longest possible shelf life.

Our dried berries are typically infused with apple juice concentrate without added colour, the infusion gives a better mouth feel and flavour than straight-drying the fruit. Stone, pome and tropical fruits can usually be straight-dried with no infusion, although infusion works for these fruits also, if that better suits the application.


Infused dried fruits

  • Blackberry, apple juice infused
  • Blackcurrant, apple juice infused
  • Blueberry, apple juice infused
  • Kiwi slices, apple juice infused
  • Lingonberry, apple juice infused
  • Mulberry, apple juice infused
  • Raspberry, apple juice infused
  • Sour cherry, apple juice infused
  • Strawberry (halves/quarters/dices), apple juice infused

Non-infused dried fruits

  • Apple (chunks/wedges/dices)
  • Mango pieces or dices
  • Pineapple pieces
  • Exotics (e.g. Dragon Fruit)
Apple juice infused dried blackcurrants
Apple juice infused dried strawberries
Dried mango
Dried pear
Dried golden kiwi
Apple juice infused dried lingonberries